Hey, There!
I’m Karen.

I help women who are stressed, overwhelmed and underpaid.

Karen has spent her adult life being a coach, since 1993 she has worked within the fitness industry

She’s worked in London + around Europe as a qualified personal trainer + sports therapist, has run her own Fitness Studio in the Algarve for 8 years.

In 2016 she became an online coach for a high ticket affiliate company, helping people transition from being an employee to business owner, which was teaching them about creating a growth mindset. She learnt the process of selling hight tick coaching programs, without having a background in sales.

She also worked as a coach helping people build their network marketing business online without being a salesy weirdo and using attraction marketing techniques.

Now she has created her very own program aimed at coaches, consultants, therapists and healers who are great at giving, not so good at receiving and are struggling to get their income to 6 figures and beyond.

She says that there is so much training out there to become a coach, a personal trainer, a therapist, but…. how to attract clients, how to convert potential buyers into buyers seems to be missing.

This is a unique ‘ALL IN’ approach. She realises that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ some need the whole program, others may need parts of the program, there are different options to suit different budgets. 

Karens focus is about the implementation, not just being in ‘learning mode’

The academy is mainly focused on ‘practice sessions’ and not just watching pre-recorded training videos on the what to do but more of a bespoke package with the opportunity to practice the skill sets needed.

She also owns Mintwave radio and ‘Raising vibrations’ podcast network providing a platform for coaches to get their message heard, which will increase their sales.


My Mission

My goal is to help 100 Health and Wellness coaches/practitioners, Personal Trainers/Yoga Instructors hit 100k net this year

By helping them create a roadmap, grow their audience on social media, build influence within that audience and then convert them into buyers.

Finally giving them the tools to create the life of their dreams, whilst serving their clients.

It’s a Life Change

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