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Rebooting Your Resilience

Karen is an incredible motivational speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and bestselling author who brings audiences through her own personal stories of resilience and inspires with an amazing sense of positivity. Recognized by the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards as a...

Shadow work, inner child, karma and intuitive healing

Latoya works with and supports women through the depths of shadow work, awakening to our karmic mirrors, cycles and limiting beliefs that have thus far led us in a life of self sabotage, lack and repetitive suffering. Through immersion in her 10 week online program,...

Why I write children’s books and how other people can share their stories

Allison Parkinson is a Catford-based children’s author and illustrator. She writes and illustrates picture books and chapter books. Her stories take young readers on fun and educational adventures where they can encounter talking tigers and creepy clocks – and make...
Teriyaki Chicken Plate

Teriyaki Chicken Plate

Teriyaki Chicken Plate This recipe is very flavourful and is filled with wholesome nutrients, vitamins and fibre. Unlike most teriyaki recipes, this doesn’t contain sugar, yet it maintains a sweet undertone. Serve on a bed of baby arugula and quinoa. What you need...


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