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What’s the best way to promote your business if you don’t really have a “defined” target audience?

What are your thoughts on promoting one service at a time, if your company has a few services as well as products?

I’m promoting a package that’s can easily breakdown into individual services. Sometimes I feel like talking about all, but many times I just want to stay focused on my package because that’s what I want to do more of.

Sequoya is a business owner, creative healer and artist. Her company, Array of Gratitude, offers soul nourishing services & products that help people design custom self-care rituals to embrace their unique style, and deepen their time of reflection in a more creative and “divine” way.

As a Reiki practitioner and designer at heart, she encourages others to find the importance of understanding your own energy, and exploring more ways to care for yourself on a soul level.

Working with her will make you feel more empowered in your creativity, especially when it’s from the heart!

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