Special Guest: Juli Colotti

Juli is a habit and lifestyle coach who helps individuals grab life by the horns. She resides in the beautiful Hudson Valley and owns a personal training studio called Bodies by Colotti in Kingston NY.

During the pandemic, she had a huge shift in mindset and knew she had to use what she learned herself to teach others. That is how JMC Lifestyle was created. JMC Lifestyle is her little baby. She helps individuals grab life by the horns by creating a routine that works for them and habits that will lead them to success.

She was born to be a coach. When she is not coaching, she can be found at a local craft brewery, or watching the Yankees.





About your Host, Karen Roberts.

I help women who are overwhelmed, overstressed, overweight, overworked and underpaid.

Mental, Physical and Spiritual alignment – Pure Resonance

When they work with me, they will lose the extra weight in 90 days or less and look and feel amazing. They will regain their confidence and reclaim their power all whilst increasing their income.

Combining Diet, Exercise, Fasting, Meditating and Energy Frequency Healing.

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