Karen is an incredible motivational speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and bestselling author who brings audiences through her own personal stories of resilience and inspires with an amazing sense of positivity.

Recognized by the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards as a Nominee in 2014 and 2021, Karen has operated successful businesses in many different industries for over 25 years.

She has been a mentor to women in business throughout her career and was mentored herself by Arlene Dickinson of CBC TV’s Dragon’s Den. Karen shows her dedication to her community through extensive volunteering, including roles as a founding member of several community and business development organizations.

She was one of only two women to ever be elected to the Board of Directors of Farmers Co-operative Dairy Limited, and she has also served as a board member for the Early Intervention Association of Nova Scotia and the National Holstein Convention. Karen believes in paying it forward and, since 2018, she has raised over $120,000 for families in need in Nova Scotia.

She was honoured to be chosen as the recipient of the QueenPin (Halifax) award in 2020 for her commitment to improving her community. Karen’s messages spring from a mountain of lived experience, and she is passionate about her mission to help people reboot their resilience and live their best life, personally and professionally, a purpose she lives in her own life every day.

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About your Host:

I’m Karen Roberts. I am a holistic transformation coach who helps women who have lost their ‘MOJO’. My 10-day challenge Finding ‘MOJO’ is a unique holistic ALL-IN approach to helping women raise their vibration and create the life of their dreams. It starts with getting in the right headspace to take consistent action towards their goals whatever they may be.

When we lose our ‘MOJO’ we can fall into some bad habits, gain weight, feel sluggish, de-motivated, which then makes us not feel good about ourselves. I help women get back on track, maximize their health and energy, raise their vibration and help them lose weight. Help them get focused, feel good about themselves and be ready to smash their goals. If creating a successful business is a goal then I move them into my 12 week mentorship program – 6 Figures and Beyond.

This is specifically designed to help struggling coaches, network marketers, personal trainers and holistic health practitioners build their business online using social media to attract their ideal clients. I help them grow their audience, build influence and take them through a journey to finally closing the deal on their offers.